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Jade Henning is a mixed media artist and museum administrator based in Joplin, Missouri. Her main focus in mediums are graphite and intaglio printmaking with a love for concept portraiture. As a pet project, she enjoys working with jewelry mediums.

Having been a lifelong student of visual arts, Jade has her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and Certification in Arts Management and Administration from Missouri Southern State University. She currently administrates Joplin's local art center and gallery, Spiva Center for the Arts. When she isn't drawing, Jade enjoys reading, watching bad sitcoms and spending time with her spouse Matt and their Boston Terriers Lucy and Terrence.

Jade's latest body of work is an exploration in two-dimensional mediums called The Portrait Project. The concept for this work comes from the idea of positively obscured femininity. Real models of all different backgrounds, races, body types, and sexualities have volunteered to be presented in the work surrounded and obscured by elements and designs that seek to empower them.

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